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Digital Copies of Books and Research Articles on the Hawaiian Canoe

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Arts and Crafts of Hawaii

Peter Buck "Canoes"

Detailed description of the construction and

parts of the Hawaiian Canoe

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The Hawaiian Canoe by Tommy Holmes

An extensive and detailed description of the history, construction and cultural practices of the Hawaiian Canoe

David Malo Hawaiian Antiquities (Hawaiian canoe page 168)

David Malo or Davida Malo (1793–1853) was a leading Native  historian of the Kingdom of Hawaii. In 1835 he began wirting notes on the Hawaiian Culture and History which was translated into English in 1898 by Nathanial Emerson. 

Abraham Fornanders Hawaiian Antiquities and Folklore

Canoe Construction


Fornander Hawaiian

He Makeʻe Waʻa

He Makeʻe Waʻa  explores the  Physical,Spiritual and Intellectual elements of the Hawaiian Canoe

When did the Polynisians settle Hawaii?

A Review of 150 Years of Scholarly Inquiry and a Tentative Answer1 Patrick V. Kirch University of California, Berkeley Departments of Anthropology & Integrative Biology

adz quarry.PNG

Maunakea Adz Quarry

 A review of the divergent patterns in production and distribution, and other basalt sources that could rival the well-known Mauna Kea Adze Quarry in their extent of interisland distribution.

william ellis.JPG

Journal of William Ellis

Description of a tour around Hawaii island in 1832 on the landscape and people

Tahitian sail in the British Museam

 The canoe sail from Tahiti in the collections at the British Museum (Oc1999,Q.139: Figure 1) appears to be the only such sail to have survived from Tahiti’s sailing canoe era. Tahitians stopped making sailing canoes in the 1840s, when the French colonial government instituted a ban on interisland travel.

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