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Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Trip Along Kāʻu Coast

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What Makes A Canoe Hawaiian

Describes the physical, cultural and historical elements that make a Hawaiian canoe unique

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Incredable Sail of Lamotrek

Documents the building of a traditional Voyaging canoe and the making of a traditional "lauhala" sail along with a 500 mile voyage to Guam using non-instrument navigation.

Building of Sailing Canoe Mokil Atoll

Mokil Atoll is located in the Caroline Islands of Micronisia and is part of the Federated States of Micornisia.  It is located some 125 miles from the Island of Pohnpei.  


The construction process here is very similiar to that used in the construction of the traditional Hawaiian Canoe.  In this video an Ulu (Bread Fruit) tree is used to construction the Hull.


Papa Mau The Wayfinder

Papa Mau: The Wayfinder documents the lasting legacy of Micronesian master navigator Mau Pialug, who revived the art of tradtional voyaging and reawakened cultural pride throughout Polynesia

Sam Ka'ai on Traditional Practices

Sam Ka'ai explains how traditional  fishing implements were made and the cultural importance of each.

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