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Written and personal sources that provided the information contained in this web site:


Canoes of Oceania, Haddon and Hornell, Bishop Museam press, 1935


Vaka Moana, Voyages of the Ancestors: Eiditor K.R. Rowe, 2006 with Chapter authors:

Ben Finney, K.R. How, Geoffrey Irwin, Roger Neich, Anne Salmond, Rawire Taonui,

Published by University Of Hawii press.


Man, Gods, and Nature: Michael Kioni Dudley 1990, Published by Na Kane O ka Malo Press


Ka Mo’oleolo Hawaii, Hawaiian Traditions: David Malo, Translated  by Malcolm Naea Chun

1987 Published by Kapiolani Community College


Chanting the universe, Hawaiian Religious culture: John Charlot, 1983 published by Emphasis International Limited.


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Queen Lili’uokalani Children’s center, Published Hui Hanai,  1972.


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The Hawaiian Canoe: Tommy Holmes, Editions Limited, 1981 and 1993


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An Account of the Polynesian  Race, Abraham Fornander. Tuttle Publishing


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Kumulipo: Martha Beckwith


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Kumulipo: Pua Kanakaole Kanahele, Edith Kanakaole Foundation webs site.


Arts and  Crafts of Hawaii: Te Rangi Hiroa (Peter Buck) Bishop Musesum Press 1964


Hawaii A Natural History: Sherwin Carlquist, SP Printer Inc Honolulu Hawaii 1980

Treasury of Hawaiian Words in 101 Categories   by Harold Winfield Kent 1986



*James Kaho’oilihala:  Kalaoa South Hilo, Canoe builder

Joe Kuamo’o: Keaau Puna,  Nephew of Kaho’oilihala, Canoe builder, canoe paddler

*John Kekua Jr.-Canoe Coach, Canoe Builder, Hawaiian cultural guardian 

*John Kekua Sr.- Canoe paddling Coach- Canoe club organizer, true Hawaiian

*Arnold Nathanial: Panawea South Hilo, Canoe paddle maker, Canoe rigger,Canoe Club Coach

Gilbert Fallau: Keaukaha, South Hilo, Canoe paddling Coach, Canoe rigger

*Raymond Bumatey: Waiakea South Hilo, Canoe builder, Canoe club coach

*Ira Kekaualua Sr. : Waiakea South Hilo, Canoe club Coach

Norman Pi’ianaia: Matson Ship Captain, Interisland Captain Hokuleʻa 1977

*Leon Sterling-Capt Hokule’a 1976

*Jo-ann Kahanamoku- Hokuleʻa

*Herb Kawainui Kane-Polynesian Researcher, Artist, author, Hokule'a 

Nathanial (Brudda) Lindsay-Canoe Paddler, rigger of canoes 

Tava Taupu- Blue water sailer,Canoe Builder, wood carver, Hokuleʻa 

*Ernest Fergerstrom- Instilled in his children, pride of their Hawaiian heritage when Hawaiian Pride was frowned upon

*Flossie Fergerstrom- Encouraged her son to explore the magic of the Hawaiian Canoe

Ann Fergerstrom- Canoe paddler Canoe rigger

Fay (Fergerstrom)Lindsay-Canoe paddler Canoe rigger

*Kenneth Johnston- Modern Canoe builder, Surf Board maker, Canoe fixer

Kiko Johnston-Kitazawa-Boat Builder, Wa’a Kaulua Captain 

Kalani Nakoa- Charterboat Captain, Founder of Nā Peʻa youth program

Jody Huia (Johnston) Fergerstrom- Canoe paddler, Canoe rigger, crazy building skills

*, unfortunately, are  deceased

Site info compiled and edited by D. Fergerstrom

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