He Make'e Wa'a


He Make'e Wa'a  means "to have great affection for the Hawaiian Canoe."The history and traditions of the Hawaiian canoe  contain  lessons pertinent to living on an island in the modern age.    It is hoped that this brief presentation provides some insight into the delicately balanced rhythm of life that exists on an island and help us  appreciate  and perpetuate, those things that make Hawai'i such a unique and special place to live. 




Sponsored by The Nakoa Foundation, He  Make'e Wa'a.org consists of a small group of people who love to paddle and sail traditional Hawaiian canoes. We use modern materials, when traditional materials are not available, to perpetuate the cultural relevance of the Hawaiian Canoe. The Olelo No'eau   "Aohe a pau ka ike i ka halau hoʻokahi" guides our activities and keeps us "Ha'aha'a",    Check out some of our past activities.


For more information on the Nakoa Foundation or its educational programs go to nakoafoundation.net or click on the Nakoa Foundation Icon:.


Video Documentaries and Publications

He Make'e Wa'a  keeps an eye out  for publications and documentary videos that  help further the understanding and appreciation of the Hawaiian Canoe.  


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