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Cultural Context

The Hawaiian Worldview and Core Cultural Values greatly influenced the design and shape of the Hawaiian Canoe.

cultrual context

Unique Construction

Each Pacific Island Society has created a canoe that is specifically adapted to the  natural resources and unique ocean and shoreline conditions that exist in each  island group.

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canoe and forest

The Hawaiian Canoe Begins In The Forest

The early settlers of Hawai'i found indigenous and endemic plants that would influence a shift in design and construction of the Hawaiian Canoe while the introduced plants that they brought with them would hold them connected to their original homeland to the South.

The Canoe On The Ocean

While the Hawaiian Canoe is From the Forest, it is Of the Ocean

canoe and ocean

What Makes A Canoe Hawaiian

How much innovation and change can occur before a canoe is no longer "Traditional" or "Hawaiian?

What makes it hawaiin

About He Make'e Wa'a

He Make'e Wa'a means " Having great love for the Hawaiian Canoe".  The preservation and continued use of the Hawaiian canoe are vital in maintaining Hawaiian traditions, values, culture and political identity.

about he makee waa
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