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Aloha: Dictionary meaning:

Greeting, Love, affection

Modern English connotation: Aloha means Hello and also means goodbye.

Kaona: (hidden Meaning) Two part word:

1- Alo: to face, suggesting to present one’s self without a defense or obstacle

2- Ha: breath of life.

Aloha is a serious action in which one person shares one’s life force (Ha) or soul

without any protection or obstruction (alo) with another person. The sharing of

Aloha is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly.

Aloha carries much more than Hello or goodbye. It is a greeting where one

lowers ones Guard, extends trust and opens their soul for interaction with another

person in a spiritual context.


Mahalo: Dictionary Meaning

Thanks, gratitude, appreciate, admiration, respect, esteem

Modern English connotations: means simply Thank You

Mahalo carries with it a deeper feeling than just “Thank You”. It expresses an appreciation that is filled with admiration, respect and esteem while at the same time expressing gratitude.

Mahalo is a state of mind that is appreciative of everything around you not just of a deed or action done for you. It is an appreciation for simply existing. Mahalo is the frame of mind through which all other Hawaiian values are to be expressed.


Mālama: Dictionary meaning:

To take care of, tend, attend, preserve, protect, maintain, to serve

Kaona: (hidden meaning) Two part word:

Ma: Contraction of the word Ma’a

1- Ma’a: Accustomed, used to, knowing thoroughly, familiar, experienced

2- Lama: Torch, light, lamp’ in turn suggests enlightenment

In order to Mālama anything, one has to become Ma’a to it.

To become Ma’a one must be patient, have an open mind so as to truly

understand the whole and be willing to study and to learn. (see manawanui)

Through the process of becoming Ma’a one can become enlightened ( Lama).

Only when one is totally familiar (Ma’a) with the thing being cared for and is

enlightened (Lama) can that person truly Mālama in a “Pono” way.


Pono: Dictionary Meaning:

Goodness, uprightness, morality, correct or proper procedure, equity, true condition

or nature, right, proper, fair, just.

Kaona: Balance

The universe is composed of opposing forces. “Opposing” does not mean in an antagonistic way

but in a complementing way. These forces do not possess a good or evil nature. They just are. When balanced, these forces from a whole or complete a function. When there is an imbalance between these forces, functions fail to work and what should be a whole becomes splintered. When these forces are Balanced, the resulting condition is Pono.

It must be emphasized that reaching the balanced state of Pono does not usher in a state of idealic bliss. The complementing opposite forces, when in a balanced state, continue to maintain their identity and are dynamic in their relationship with each force, ebbing and flowing. For a lack of a better English term, internal Tension exists.

As stated earlier the state of Pono can be described by the interaction between the ama and the ka’ele of a wa’a kaukahi. Unequal in size and shape the ama and ka’ele, when bound together create stability and balance. The binding, the lashings, the Aha, is critical to maintaining this balance as it absorbs the tension created by the movement of the sea in relation to the ama and ka’ele.


Kokua: Dictionary Meaning:

Help, assist, aid

Kaona: To do the right thing, for the right reason, at the right time, and to

to do it without being asked.


Kuleana: Dictionary Meaning:

Right, privilege, concern, responsibility, business, liability

Kaona: Every “right” comes with a responsibility and obligation. Claiming a right TO

Something Or to DO something, carries with it a responsibility and obligation to

enhance the “mana” of that thing or activity.


Ha’aha’a: Dictionary Meaning

Humble, unpretentious, modest, unobtrusive, lowly.

Kaona: The interconnectiveness of the universe means all elements are dependent

upon each other. Humility allows a person to perceive and experience that connection

which in turn will allow these elements to work together for the benefit of the

of the individual and the Ohana.


Lokahi: Dictionary Meaning

Unity, unison, harmony


Two part word:

1- Lo, short for lo’o to obtain

2- Kahi- single, one

The interconnectiveness of the universe means all elements are dependent

upon each other. Lokahi is the process of bringing, what appears to be contrasting

elements together to form a functioning whole. Especially with regard to human



Ahonui: Dictionary Meaning:

Patience, enduring long suffering, to tolerate.


Two part word:

1- Aho-Breath

2- nui-many, much

The kind of Patience described by the word Ahonui is when a person recognizes that

something is not working right but is unsure as to exactly what needs to change so

things can be corrected. It is the kind of patience that allows a person to realizes that

speaking out at “this time” to confront a perceived wrong or injustice would not

change the situation and might even make matters worse. Best English translation is

“to let go”.

It is important to know that practicing Ahonui does not mean giving up or falling into a

State of hopelessness. It means waiting, observing, learning, allowing things to

aligned and Issues to become more clear before taking action.


Manawanui: Dictionary Meaning:

Patience, steadfast, courageous and persevering, fortitude


Two part word:

1- Manawa-Time

2- Nui-much, many

This kind of Patience is best described as holding and working for an ideal in a firm

but not violent way and allowing time for things to work their way through. It

requires calm persistence. It requires one to take their position calmly and in a firm

manner and not abandon the endeavor or position when others disagree or the

odds of success seem overwhelmingly against you. It requires that one remain

engaged with the people or situation for as long as it takes to bring about the desired



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